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In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis old verities have been called into question. This holds true for the all-important retail and consumer banking segment, as customer marketing, approval, management and collection activities are receive both fair and unjust criticism. We call this business segment all-important because it (cards, mortgages, personal loans, autos, direct and indirect sales finance, small businesses, etc.) can still offer reasonably margined assets earning an adequate return on risk-adjusted assets. Just as important, when properly managed this segment provides an abundant source of low-cost, stable funding. In summary, in this segment growth and profitability can be derived from both sides of the balance sheet.

Genesis Corporation has considerable experience in the design and implementation of training programs for the Retail and Consumer Banking segment. Our seminars for this segment have ranged from:

Junior level (credit area, administrative and collections staff) to very senior (business unit heads and senior risk managers);
Highly specific (e.g., Product Planning or Portfolio Analytics workshops) to wide-ranging , holistic seminars that address the end-to-end product and client cycles at both
  the strategic and tactical levels;
Short (two days) to lengthy (four weeks).

Seminars taught in this area include:

Consumer Fraud Risk Management Credit and Risk in the Cards Businesst
Credit Cards in Global Markets Generating Business with SME Clients
Introduction to Consumer Credit Managing a High Performing Cards Business
Negociation Skills Operational Risk Awareness
Planning and Control: Credit Card Process Presentation Skills
Retail Banking Fraud Identification & Prevention Retail Banking Loan Portfolio Management

For additional information, please contact our Specialty Area Leader: Fritz Newman I fnewman@consultgenesis.com I Tel. +1 (603) 502 5205

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