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Given the ever changing business and regulatory environments, the securities industry is faced with the need to diversify its principal sources of revenue and become more active in lending to its clients. In addition, recent developments at large international banks underscore the need to have a strong anti-money laundering training framework in place.

Since 2007, Genesis has acquired significant experience in the most sensitive areas of the Wealth Management divisions of large and medium size banks; US and non-US. It has developed a large number of seminars and assembled a pool of experienced instructors.

After making the necessary adjustments to take into consideration the different business models and regulatory environments, we are pleased to have in place a wide range of training programs covering the key aspects of lending and anti-money laundering for the securities industry.

Our programs address the most important requirements for the Compliance, Lending and Sales departments of broker-dealers to effectively and efficiently meet their goals and fulfill their responsibilities.

Programs are customized to the learning needs of the target audience, i.e. sales professionals/assistants, lending officers, compliance officers.

Relevant programs from among our offerings include:

Client Advisory Business Optimization
Fiduciary Structuring
Generating Business with SME clients
High Performance Client and Investment Product Management
High Performance Client Management for Relationship Managers
Introduction to Consumer Credit
Credit Risk - Small and Medium Sized Companies
Marketing and Credit to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Confidentiality and Compliance
BSA / AML Compliance Core Training
Risk Management for Wealth Managers
Firm-Wide Risk Management
Current Issues in Risk Management
Fraud Identification & Prevention in Retail Lending

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For additional information, please contact our Specialty Area Leader: Francisco Watkins I fwatkins@consultgenesis.com I Tel. +1 (813) 258-3950

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